Gerald Evans for Doraville City Council District 1
The Difference Maker
 “Doraville has had it’s day in District 1. It has a lot of challenges but many rewards too. I do find that Gerald Evans will be our reward. He shares the values and integrity that it will take to be our next councilperson.” – Pam Fleming (Current City Council District 1)
Hi, I’m Gerald!

I'm a long term 15 year resident of Doraville, GA. Originally from St. Louis, MO, Doraville has been my home since graduating from Hampton University with a Bachelor of Management degree. I'm a fan of sports. In school, I played football, basketball and tried tennis. Nowadays you can find me at Top Golf. Most importantly, I enjoy serving the community and my church.  

I believe in serving...

Doraville Planning
  • Doraville Planning Commission
  • Board Member – Homeowner’s Association
  • Former Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta
  • Open Hand Atlanta
  • Junior Achievement of Georgia
  • MedShare
  • Buckhead Church 

Where it all began...   My career background is a mix of Customer Management and Product Management. I managed computer software programs, gathering data analytics ensuring that the products were performing optimally. Also, I sought out future product enhancements by listening to my client’s needs and studying the competitors. I worked to improve the products and provide solutions that made my client’s job easier by saving them time and money.

Today...   Growing up, my family was involved in real estate. I joined them by becoming a real estate investor. I obtained my real estate license because of my passion for the industry. What can I say, I love a good floorplan. I have worked with renters, buyers, sellers, and investors to help them find their next home. I consider it a privilege to be a guide in peoples lives during one of the biggest investments of their lives. It can be stressful for my clients so staying calm and finding solutions is my forte.

Putting it all together...

As the story unfolds, you can see that I have always been an advocate for my clients; from their business software to their housing needs. For me, it’s enhancing their lives by making a product better or helping families transition while being uprooted from everything familiar.  I want to enhance our lives in Doraville. We sit on one of the busiest areas of Atlanta with thousands of cars passing through our city daily. It is also one of the most desolate areas compared to our neighboring cities. There are a lot of opportunities here, this is why I choose to call Doraville home. It’s time for something new; something greater. Let’s make our home, Doraville, better by increasing what we stand for; Diversity, Vitality, Community.

Gerald Evans for Doraville City Council District 1

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