Library Donation

As the newest City Council member, I was able to help obtain brand

new books for the Doraville Public Library. This was at no cost to the

city, saving thousands of dollars. The city has received 14 boxes of

brand new books in MULTIPLE Languages for all of our residents to

enjoy. Because of my efforts and coordination, the city of Doraville has

one leg up in education. The books range from children to adults,

including English, Spanish, Chinese and more languages.

I grew up visiting libraries and love reading. The library is a key

piece to education. I am proud to partner with Baker & Taylor. Thank

you for the donation. Below is a statement from the EVP of Baker &

Taylor, Amandeep Kochar.

“Baker & Taylor is delighted to support Doraville Public Library with diverse titles for their reopening, including Spanish language titles, Asian culture books, and graphic novels. We pride ourselves on being atrusted source for all physical and digital content needs within the library and look forward to our continued partnership with Doraville.” -Amandeep Kochar, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Baker & Taylor

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