Residential Permit fees

The City Council recently passed a resolution to enact

a permitting fee holiday for residential properties for

all of June, July, and August. This fee holiday applies

to the permit and the first re-inspection.

If you've been putting off your home projects, there's

never been a better time to get started! The holiday

applies to the following residential projects:

1, Fence Permit

2. Patio Cover, Balcony, or Concrete Patio

3. Retaining Wall

4. Shed or Storage Building

5. Swimming Pool

6. Trade Permit - Electrical, Plumbing, or Mechanical

7. Tree Service Permit

8. Residential Driveway or Parking Pad

9. Residential Garage or Carport Building

10. Deck

11. Roof Structure

Visit the city website or click here for details.

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