Diversity is our strength; unity is our power.

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Growing  Doraville

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Hello, residents of Doraville! We want to keep you informed.

Application is Open to All Doraville Residents Struggling with Mortgage, Rent, and Utility Payments

The city of Doraville is providing financial assistance for residents of Doraville. The assistance is for those impacted by COVID-19 with up to $1,000 direct financial aid toward rent, mortgage and utility delinquencies. Please fill out the following form to apply for assistance and a caseworker will be in touch with you. Completion of this application does not guarantee financial assistance.

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As the newest City Council member, I was able to help obtain brand new books for the Doraville Public Library. This was at no cost to the city, saving thousands of dollars. The city has received 14 boxes of brand new books in MULTIPLE Languages for all of our residents to enjoy. Because of my efforts and coordination, the city of Doraville has one leg up in education. The books range from children to adults, including English, Spanish, Chinese and more languages.

I grew up visiting libraries and love reading. The library is a key piece to education. I am proud to partner with Baker & Taylor. Thank you for the donation. Below is a statement from the EVP of Baker & Taylor, Amandeep Kochar.

“Baker & Taylor is delighted to support Doraville Public Library with diverse titles for their reopening, including Spanish language titles, Asian culture books, and graphic novels. We pride ourselves on being a trusted source for all physical and digital content needs within the library and look forward to our continued partnership with Doraville.”

-Amandeep Kochar, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Baker & Taylor





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About Gerald...

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  • Former member of the Doraville Planning Commission


  •  Business Management Degree


  • Licensed Realtor with Keller Williams

  • Small Business Owner

  • Volunteer on Atlanta Realtors Association Governmental & Community Affairs Committee

  • Active in multiple charitable organizations throughout Atlanta

3 E's of Gerald Evans

Economic Growth

Growing Doraville is Gerald’s focus. Increasing our population of people and the number of businesses in the area while maintaining our intimate community feel.


Embracing Diversity

One has to love the Diversity of Doraville. We need more activities that encourage every resident to get involved and feel welcome to participate.


Empowering Seniors

Our progressive seniors have so much wisdom and experience that we should rely on. I will tap into that knowledge to make Doraville a better place to live.


Take Part in Something Great



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